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Your Next Home: constructed from earth


The concept of Eco-Domes originated from Iranian-American architect Nader Kahlili. These dome homes are simple and versatile buildings that encourage and empower people with no previous building experience to build their own homes. This concept is also perfect for emergency shelters.

The technology is designed to:

  • Use the materials of war (sandbags and barbed wire) to create a safe shelter in most regions of the globe as well as in your backyard.
  • Utilize minimum amounts of purchased product and maximum amounts of the free earth under your feet.
  • Participate in a family or community activity by building a shelter, or a sustainable community.
  • Create a shelter with maximum protection against natural and man-made disasters.
  • Source: Cal-Earth


  • Use of local earth-filled superadobe
  • Built with┬álong sandbag tubes reinforced with barbed wire
  • Trees/timber not required
  • Can be repeated and joined together to form larger homes
  • Can be built by a team of only 3-5
  • Suitably designed with the sun, shade and wind for passive cooling and heating
  • Fire proof, tornado proof, highly earthquake resistant, high thermal mass to keep comfortable temperature.


Approximately USD2500 – USD3200


Architect explains

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